Process Information

Design Process

At GiftBar once you checkout and complete your sale your order is considered placed! Within 24 hours of placing your order we will provide you with an email that includes a visual representation of the design and placement. If you require some edits that's OK we want you to love what you get and we will make revisions to make sure you get what you want. Just keep in mind this is a visual representation and colors and engraving will be slightly different as computers cannot generate 100% the same as the production piece.  

Shirt Printing

Our shirts are printed with textile vinyl printed and cut, then heat applied for strong colored results. This film has a stretch component for ease of wear. Slight color can fade or crack after multiple washes. This process is the best in the industry using the professional grade machines, inks, and supplies. We never cut corners - your satisfaction is our priority and we want you to be a VIP customer for life.

 Hard Goods Engraving

Our giftware is laser engraved using machines manufactured in the USA that provide the highest engraving quality. GiftBar prides itself on using the best industrial equipment to meet the needs and timelines of our customers. This process with permanently engrave and etch the products for long life of use.